Saturday, December 15, 2012

Update on visit with Radiation clinic

Good Afternoon! This will be a brief update on my visit to the radiation clinic yesterday. It went well. For some reason in my mind I thought the process was going to be so much more complicated my first visit. I had a vision that I would be standing up, and they were going to mold my body into this thing and would be very uncomfortable. I do not know how I thought that is what she told me. The set up was very easy and I was very comfortable. I had to undress from the top down to my waist. I had to lie on a scanner my bottom was kind of lifted. My two arms were pulled back over my head and placed into these cuff like things. She scanned my body to set up the lasers so she could mark where the radiation would be directed. Then she marked my chest area with big black X's. Well the x's were on little round bandaid like things. She told me I could shower daily as usual but not to scrub the marks. The marks have to stay visible or she would have to "mold me again". I go for my first treatment December 26th. I will keep you updated on what happens there. God Bless the families of the Connecticut school. Just when we think we have it so bad, a tragedy happens to someone else and we see how truly blessed we are. May Gods light shine upon you and give you peace.


  1. I know exactly how you feel after the tragedy yesterday. We lived in Ridgefield, just a few towns over from Newtown and I still have a very good friend that lives there. Her children are grown and in college, but these are small communities that this loss will be greatly felt.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend, XOXO

  2. Susan this is interesting since I didn't know how this worked. Thanks for sharing your journey! I am also praying for those who were touched by this tragedy yesterday.
    hugs, Linda

  3. I think you are very brave in your fight against your health issues. I wish you peace.

    The lost children of Newtown are at peace but I weep for their parents and am selfishly thankful that my own five year old grandchild in another country is safe.

    And please petition your legislators to change the gun law in your country. With the daily news from different conflicts around the world demonstrating the lack of basic human kindness towards one another I am afraid that we are entering another form of Armageddon. No need for a nuclear strike, we are busy destroying ourselves with hate.

  4. Such good news that no chemo is needed, Susan. May your Christmas be full of many blessings & joys. TY for being with me, always. It has been very trying.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~