Thursday, February 21, 2013

Current Update!

Hello Friends! I wanted to up date you on where I am at in my journey. Things are going well and I feel I am making progress. I continue to heal from the burns caused by the radiation. My breast has a raw spot around almost in a perfect circle around my nipple area. This spot is raw and tender. The burns under my arm and along the site where they checked the lymph nodes has turned a deep brown and is peeling,but are not as painful as the area around the nipple area. I continue to use the Alra lotion to treat the burns. I had a follow up visit with my regular oncologist today. He and I discussed that over all I have done well through this process and diagnosis. My prognosis is very good. He did start me on a " anti- hormone pill" called Letorozole. This medication is used to treat my type of breast cancer and to prevent it hcoming back in breast or another area of my body. I have to stay on this medication for five years. Therse are side when taking this medication, as they are with all medications. Some of them are hair loss, joint and muscle pain, tiredness and hot flashes. I told him I already had most of these symp.toms any way due to old age. LOL I will be meeting with Dr Goldberg every three months, to keep check on my blood work and how I am doing on the medication. Well, thats about it folks. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. May God continue to bless all of you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just to Touch Base.

Wow, I just have three more treatments left. Now they are just focusing on the site of the lumpectomy. This treatment process last only a minute and I am done. The worse is over. Praising God and doing a happy dance. However I am suffering from a severe burn under my right arm due to the radiation treatments. The doctor told me it would take about a week to heal. As if I was not already having enough fun, I had cataract surgery on my right eye yesterday morning. The surgery went well and was not as bad as I thought it would be. Last evening my hubby was driving me to my treatments and he ask me how I was seeing. Well, what I was seeing in front of my eyes was this pretty rainbow colored bubble. I was scared that something had went wrong. This morning when I woke up my right eye was so cloudy I could not see anything. Of course I thought the worse. I need to trust God more. I went to see my doctor and he said the cloudiness was due to swelling while I was sleeping. This evening when hubby was driving me, I was able to see like I use to. It was so good to be able to see the road at night again. Hope everyone is having a good week. For my friends up North, I am praying the storm is not too hard on you. Please keep warm and I will keep you in my prayers.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The generosity and kindness and support I have been given since this diagnosis is surreal to me. It amazes me how thoughtful people in blog land and even in the real world can be. I want to say Thank you to Susan who sent me this beautiful gift. It is filled with spa products to pamper my body as well as my soul. I am really appreciative of this gift of love from Susan. But she gave me an invisible gift as well, she gave me faith and hope that I will get through this. Susan thank you sweet friend for your support and encouragement and kindness. I continue to go to treatments every night. My skin is getting more red each treatment. But praise God I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have only 8 treatments left to do. God is so good!