Wednesday, November 14, 2012


To day was my appointment with the radiologist/oncologist. My treatments start in about four to six weeks, I first get a cat scan and then they determine a treatment plan. I know that I will be getting treatment everyday for five weeks on the whole breast and one week on just the site of the lumpectomy.
I go to my Oncologist tomorrow and he will then let me know if I have to chemotherapy. The doctor today seemed to think because of my age and the type of cancer I would proably need chemotherapy as well.  But I will find out more tomorrow. I know there is a specific test which I could not even begin to spell they have to do.
Any way, please continue to remember me in prayer. I feel so blessed to be able to share my journey with you.


  1. Will continue to lift you up in prayer Susan! God is so good to HIS children, and I know HIS peace is present in your life.

  2. Susan, you're in my prayers, always, XOXO

  3. Keeping you in my prayers. I hope it all gets fizzled out very quickly.

  4. Praying peace and comfort for you as you go through this trial. You are not alone as I'm sure you already know.

  5. Susan I am so glad you continue to update us. You will remain in my prayers! Hugs, Linda