Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just to Touch Base.

Wow, I just have three more treatments left. Now they are just focusing on the site of the lumpectomy. This treatment process last only a minute and I am done. The worse is over. Praising God and doing a happy dance. However I am suffering from a severe burn under my right arm due to the radiation treatments. The doctor told me it would take about a week to heal. As if I was not already having enough fun, I had cataract surgery on my right eye yesterday morning. The surgery went well and was not as bad as I thought it would be. Last evening my hubby was driving me to my treatments and he ask me how I was seeing. Well, what I was seeing in front of my eyes was this pretty rainbow colored bubble. I was scared that something had went wrong. This morning when I woke up my right eye was so cloudy I could not see anything. Of course I thought the worse. I need to trust God more. I went to see my doctor and he said the cloudiness was due to swelling while I was sleeping. This evening when hubby was driving me, I was able to see like I use to. It was so good to be able to see the road at night again. Hope everyone is having a good week. For my friends up North, I am praying the storm is not too hard on you. Please keep warm and I will keep you in my prayers.


  1. Susan I am so glad you are on the downside of treatment! Keeping you in my prayers!

  2. You are just the most unbelievable person with what you've gone through and I am blessed knowing you. I read your story and I'm in awe how your faith guides you; something I know I've had a hard time with. You're in my thoughts and I keep you in my prayers, always, dear friend, XOXO

  3. Susan, I am so proud of the courage you have shown during this time of illness for you. You are a woman of great courage! I know that God has HIS hand upon you life and you have much to do still. I am thanking God that things are looking up and that your treatment is nearing the end. Praising God for all that He has done for you! God bless you and a big hug sent your way.

  4. Dear Susan, you have faced so much and come through it all with courage and strength like no other. You have such great faith and God is seeing you through it all. I am so glad your eyes are okay now and I pray the burn will heal promptly. I pray each day gets better. Even in the worst of times, you have shared your journey and shown us that with your faith and God's direction, we can come through anything.

    Much love and prayers, Celestina Marie

  5. Hi Susan! I have just visited for the first time to this blog. Thought I better since you have been so sweet to visit mine. :) I didn't realize you were living with so much going on in your life! Bless your heart! I'm so glad to see that you are coming to an end with your treatments and even more so knowing you have a bright light with it's end. It's wonderful knowing your eyes are ok. So much to have to go through at one time. What a strong person you are! Your faith and trust is amazing and you are such an inspiration to all those who are walking simular things. May God continue to bless you with good results and brighter days ahead.

    Will be praying for you!

    Thank you for becoming my friend and follower. I'm really glad our paths have crossed.

    Take Care of Yourself!
    Love and Hugs!

  6. Susan you are doing so well and I am so happy you know who is right beside you through this.
    That burn sounds bad ... did you know that lavender is used in England hospitals for burns? here is a link

    it needs to be real lavender and not a hybrid though.
    Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers (())

  7. Hello Susan. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog which I have already told you, and then I came over to yours and was mesmerized. I read all of your older posts trying to catch up, and I just want to say how much I admire you and your reasons for writing this blog. Whoever told you that you were doing it for sympathy, certainly didn't have any knowledge of the disease and how it can affect a person. When we lost our son 12 years ago right after his passing I wrote a long letter to all family and friends talking about him. It truly was a great help to me. If you have read any of my past posts you will know that I am a uterine cancer survivor (11 years) and my daughter is a breast cancer survivor (9 years). My daughter's was very similar to your situation, with only having radiation not chemo. (I say 'only' very lightly). Aren't we glad for that? Without taking up too much space here, I just want to say I am so happy to have met you and will enjoy visiting in the future. I am now going over to your other blog to check that out..Happy Sunday..Judy

  8. Dear Susan,
    I have been remiss at keeping up with everyone, and I apologize for this. But I want you to know how much your sweet words mean to me. Especially from you. I have just caught up on ALL of your past posts and ALL that you've been going through. My dear, you are a special lady and a work of God. I can see through your writing that you are tired, but you give God the glory for His healing you! I'm so elated to hear that your treatments are over (by now), and that you have sight in your eye now!!!! Praise the Lord for His wonderful works and blessings in your life.
    So excited for you!!
    Hugs (gently of course), and much love,