Friday, March 29, 2013

Grateful and a Tiny Update.

I would like this to be more of a gratitude post, but at the end I do have a quick update on whats up with my health these days. First as I have looked back at the end of last year and up to now of this year, I have so much to grateful for. My cancer could have been a lot worse. My prognosis could have been much worse. For this I am truly grateful. I have healed really nicely and the scaring is really not that bad. It could have been much more disfiguring considering how deep they went and the fact there are two incision sites. God has truly been good to me. There is a part of me that thinks I went through this process to encourage others. So far we have had two new employees at my work place. One was the friend I posted about earlier. The second person was part of the management team. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cancer situation is almost identical to my cancer. I am so grateful that I was able to help her through educating her on what to expect. I sat there and cried with her because she is so scared. Okay, just a quick note about my progress. I went to my radiologist oncologist today. Everything is looking great, as I said before my breast have healed better than I or the doctor expected. I have three doctors following me with this cancer. Actually four if you count my family doctor. I am battling bronchitis right now and am taking Cipro and predione. I am not feeling well at all but when the antibiotics kick in, I expect life will be better. Take care my friends and God Bless.


  1. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for the update, and it's wonderful you are doing so well, now just get over that nasty bug. I admire you so much that you are helping your friends. It is a scary time and to have an understanding person to talk to can help so much. Have a wonderful, blessed and thankful Easter..Happy Friday..Judy

  2. Susan, so much to be grateful for indeed! Bless you! Such good news and I'm so glad you are able to help others.

  3. What a blessing your cancer is Ok. I'm so pleased for you.
    Happy Easter.
    Hugs Kay

  4. Susan, I'm sorry you're down with bronchitis; I couldn't seem to kick it after Kelly passed away and my doctor said it was my body's reaction to the stress of it all. I feel so grateful to have found you and be a part of your recovery; I believe with all my heart, I was meant to continue the fight. Also, I'm so sorry to hear that two of your colleagues have been diagnosed with this insidious disease; in Washington, 100 women per week are diagnosed!

    Have a blessed holiday with your family and know you are loved, XOXO

  5. I am so glad you are doing well. May your Easter be blessed and filled with much love!

  6. Hi Susan, I know severaal weeks have passed, but I hope you are feeling better and I am so glad you healed so nicely.
    It is great to read your update and I continue to pray for you. I know you are a blessing to the lady you work with and her journey. God is so good!!

    Have a nice weekend and thank you for stopping by and your sweet words. You always encourage, even in the site of your own battles.
    You are a dear.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Oh Susan! I am so glad you are healing well and will be praying for you to feel better right now and to be cancer free! I have a dear friend and a cousin who have been through this and they have also found helping others through this process an emotional boost. God bless you on your journey. I am following you back!

  8. Hello my sweet beautiful friend! Wow!!! You are one strong lady!!! I did not know you were on this journey, but I am whispering prayers for you and your friend as we speak. Stay positive and thank you so much for sharing your heart! Sending you big giant squishy hugs! xoxoxo

  9. I am a new friend visiting, I hope you continue to feel better and you are fully recovered soon. I will be your latest follower..........

    The French Hutch